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October 2023 Newsletter

Dock Cart Etiquette

How many times have you had a load of supplies that you needed to take down to your vessel, and came to find there were no dock carts in sight? You probably have experienced this frustrating situation more than once. While Grand Marina supplies many carts for the dock tenants to use, they are at times misused. Please follow these simple rules, and you can be a part of the solution, not the problem:

– Dock carts should be used for short term uses only.
– When you’re finished, bring the dock cart back up to the gatehouse. Never leave it sitting next to your boat, or park it in front of someone else’s boat.
– If something spills in a dock cart while you’re using it, please clean it out.

These steps will make it possible for the carts to remain available and in good condition for everyone. By the way, new wheels are on order, as well as some new carts.

Marina Etiquette

We have a few simple rules that we would like to remind you of when dumping your rubbish in the bins:

Large Items

Please remember not to throw and items that may explode such as containers of paint or large items that may stop up the compactor like
blocks of wood or cement (you’d be surprised) TV’s or laptops, which brings us to the next rule…


As everyone should know by now, it is prohibited to dispose of any kind of electronics in a regular garbage container. If you have something you need to get rid of and don’t know where to bring it please call or come up to the office and we will be happy to print you a list of all of the recycling facilities in the area.

Hazardous Materials

For the health of our employees as well as the environment please do not throw any hazardous materials in the garbage bins. If you have any questions on
what, how or where to dispose hazardous material, contact the marina office and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction!

When to Report an Accident

You’ve just enjoyed a beautiful day of boating and are now enroute to your slip. As you approach the marina your throttle gets stuck in forward causing a collision. Your boat
receives $950,00 worth of fiberglass hull damage but thankfully no one was injured. Are you required to submit an accident report? By law you are required to file a formal
written report of the accident. A formal written accident report is required to be filed when the following situations occur:

1. Life is lost due to the accident.
2. Someone is injured and requires medical treatment
beyond first aid.
3. There is a complete loss of the vessel or damage to
the vessel and property exceeding $2000. (Many states
have set a limit less than $2000- contact the local state
boating authority to determine the amount).
4. Any person on board a vessel disappears (under
circumstances indicating death or injury).

Boating Accident Reports are required to be filed within:

1. 48 hours of the occurrence or if a person dies within
one day (24 hours)
2. 48 hours if a person is injured and medical treatment
beyond first aid is required.
3. 10 days if there is only damage to the vessel and/or

Please call the Coast Guard’s Customer Info line, 1-(800) 366-5647, to obtain information about required forms and where to submit them, You can also find the date and location of the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s next Boating Skills and Seamanship Course. If you or someone you know is interested in an exciting career, the United States Coast Guard is hiring. Please call 1-800-Get USCG.

Information Update

If you have changed your address or phone number, please contact the Harbor Master’s Office to provide us with the new information. It is very important that we are able to contact
you, especially in the event of an emergency with your vessel.

GM Liveaboards

Every now and then we get a new postal carrier to the marina that has no idea where to put the mail, what they will usually do is stuff all the mail in to the biggest box they can find which
sometime is not ours. As you can imagine this will delay the time it takes for you to get your mail, so to help make sure you get your mail on time please try to include your box number on all correspondence you expect to receive.

Late Fees

If you have incurred a late fee or received a statement with your current months invoice you do not need to send a separate check for the late fee amount. The statement will tell
you the total amount due and you can just write one check for that amount. Save yourself the check and any additional postage.