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November 2022 Newsletter

Dock Etiquette

Let’s dedicate a bit more energy towards considering our neighbors in the marina. Read below for some good ideas…

• If you are already safely docked in the marina and there is no maintenance person or helper around to assist boaters as they dock and undock, it is courteous to assist others in your vicinity with their lines.
• Make sure to keep the area around your slip clear. Roll up and stow hoses and place power cords in such a manner so people passing by do not trip. Keep buckets, mops, tackle, docking lines, and other items stowed in their proper places, not strewn around on the dock.
• When finished with carts or other equipment intended for common use at the marina, be sure to put it back where it belongs, so others have access.

Four-Legged Crew Members…

Just a friendly reminder that dogs must be kept on leashes at all times, whether you are on the docks or walking around the property. Cats are not allowed to roam on docks or vessels at any time. Waste must also be picked up immediately, and if you are on the dock a quick hose down is a good idea, too… Not only is this a leash and waste law, but it keeps our property beautiful and all the tenants happy. Thank you for your cooperation!

Thanksgiving Schedule

The Harbormaster’s Office will be closed on Thursday, November 24th, and Friday, November 25th.

If you need anything, please let us know beforehand, so it can be taken care of ahead of time.

Grand Marina is hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Winter Preparations

With all this great weather, it’s hard to think of winter coming upon us, but it sneaks up on us sooner than we think! Here are just a few suggestions to consider:

Make sure your dock box lids are locked. The wind has been known to rip them off causing injury to people and boats.

Secure your halyards…stop the banging noise. (Your fellow boaters will appreciate you!)

How do your dock lines look? Do you have spring lines on your boat and are the lines properly secured around the cleats? (Cleat Hitch – Take the line to the ear of the cleat furthest from where the line comes from (the load). Take one wrap around the base of the cleat and then start a figure eight across the top of the opposite
ear. Finish with a half hitch turned under so that the line is coming away from the cleat in the opposite direction from which it came in.)

Engine maintenance – fill your fuel tanks to avoid condensation over the winter months.

Batteries –Clean the terminal ends and apply a light coat of grease on them. Make sure to add distilled water

Clean out scuppers and drains

Make sure the harbormaster’s office
has all your current phone numbers,
so we can contact you in the event of
an emergency!

Parking Reminder
All Grand Marina tenants and guests must display the proper parking permits when in the marina. Vehicles are not to be stored in the lot. If you plan to take several people out on your boat for the day please carpool. Only vehicles displaying valid tenant or guest permits are allowed. If you have a guest that is planning on leaving a car overnight, be sure to pick up a guest pass from the office so their car does not get towed. If you plan on taking your boat out for more than 3 days at a time, make sure to let us know. Any cars left in the lot found to be stored, without proper permits or without license plate numbers that have been recorded with the office are subject to tow at the owner’s expense.

Grand Marina does not offer airport parking.