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May 2023 Newsletter

New Electronic Key Access System

In the next month or so we will install a new key access system. Our current system is no longer supported by the manufacturer and when there are issues or updates needed, we are unable to find someone who can come out to work on it. The new system is called Openpath and is supported by Motorola, so if the installer goes out of business or is unavailable, we can find a new one
pretty quickly. We are still unsure how long the new install will take but we will keep you all updated. Keep an eye out for information regarding Key Exchange info. We will post around the marina and email when we are ready for that part. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Dock Etiquette

Here are a few things you can do to be a good neighbor…

• Tie your boat so your anchor or bow pulpit isn’t sticking out to far into the walkway. I have walked into my fair share and I swear next time someone’s going to be evicted! (Not really but don’t push it)
• Coil your lines! It’s for the safety of yourself and others.
• Don’t store your stuff on the docks. Let me put it in a way that I hope will get through to the repeat offenders, if your boat is on fire but the person that is coming to help trips falls because of that box of stuff that you left out and is unable to save it in time who’s loss will it be??
• Make sure your dock lines, power cords and water hoses are neat and tidy.
See above explanation.

Your insurance carrier will also thank you!

Tips For On Board Guests

Whenever you invite friends and family to come boating for the day, a weekend or an extended cruise, you should explain to them in advance what is expected of them, especially if they are not
experienced boaters.

– Make sure each guest has a good pair of non-skid deck shoes.
– Make sure your guests know that your times of departure are based on tide, current, weather conditions and time to make the next destination. You should explain that they should be onboard, have gear stowed and be ready to leave well before the departure time you have set.
– Familiarize friends and family with boating safety tips and emergency procedures before leaving the dock. Explain fueling procedures, docking and undocking plans, etc.
– Make sure someone onboard is able to take over for you and operate the VHF radio to ask for help should you become disabled.

Boating with Kids

Recreational family boating is a great way to spend time with your children. There are many tasks that can be assigned to youngsters to teach responsibility and being out in nature provides endless lessons for the young boater. Nonetheless, if youngsters are going to be joining you, there are a few features to at least consider when purchasing family boats.
– Buy a good lifejacket or life vest with a collar that turns a child face up in the water. It must have strong waist and crotch straps, a handle on the collar, and preferably be a bright yellow or orange color for good visibility.
– Attach a plastic safety whistle to the lifejacket and teach the child how to use the whistle, and practice using it.
– Always teach and practice caution while on the boat and in the marina. Set good examples and guidelines. Make the experience memorable for your future sailor.

Marina Matters

Just a reminder: make sure if you don’t have a parking permit or you have a new vehicle to come to the office and get a permit or give us the new info. We have many new things happening here at the marina so should you have any questions as to what’s going on feel free to call or come up and we’ll be happy to share.

Laundry Room Etiquette

I would like to remind everyone to please be thoughtful of your neighbors when using the laundry facilities, clean up after yourselves. Since these are community washers and dryers please be
mindful of others and take your items that are heavily soiled to a commercial facility. The laundry basin is for laundry only.

If the laundry room needs attention, please call the office and let us know.