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June 2022 Newsletter

Oil or Fuel Spills

If you notice an oil or fuel spill in the marina or surrounding areas you can always call it in yourself.
Just call the NRC – at 1-800-424-8802

Here’s what DBW says:

1. By law any spill that creates a sheen on the water must be reported.
2. Identify and stop the source of the spill.
3. Notify the marina for assistance.
4. Call BOTH the National Response Center (1-800-424-8802) and the California Office of Emergency Services (800) OILS911. If you spill you are required by law to notify the authorities.
5. If the fuel is oil or diesel fuel, contain the spill.

DO NOT CONTAIN GASOLINE SPILLS because of its volatility and flammability. Properly dispose of used or saturated absorbents. In California, used oil absorbents are presumed to be hazardous
waste. Dispose of the used oil absorbent at a marina collecting them or at your County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. Do not use soaps or detergents on a spill. It is illegal and bad for the environment.

Water Hoses

Please be aware that most household water hoses are not meant to be used in a saltwater environment. Cheap hoses have fittings that will rust and fuse to the spigot. This makes it impossible to remove the hose when you need to take it with you or replace it. To prevent this, you can put a little bit of Vaseline on the inside of the fitting before putting it on the spigot.

Dock Etiquette

Let’s dedicate a bit more energy to considering our neighbors in the marina. Read below for some good ideas…

• If you are already safely docked in the marina and there is no maintenance person or helper around to assist boaters as they dock and undock, it is courteous to assist others in your vicinity with their lines.
• Make sure to keep the area around your slip clear. Roll up and stow hoses and place power cords in such a manner so people passing by do not trip. Keep buckets, mops, tackle, docking lines, and other items stowed in their proper places, not strewn around on the dock.
• When finished with carts or other equipment intended for common use at the marina, be sure to put it back where it belongs, so others have access.

Maintenance Tips

Changing Oil Prolongs Engine Life You should change your engine oil and filter every 100 hours or every season, whichever comes first. This simple piece of maintenance is often overlooked because it is not quite as easy as changing the oil in your automobile. Following is a step-by-step process that you can follow to make the chore more bearable.

Equipment Needed:
o An oil filter wrench to fit each size of spin-on filter you have
o A box of Zip-Lock baggies large enough to hold an oil filter
o A wrench the correct size for your crankcase drain plug, and a pan shallow enough to fit
under your engine if possible or, o A dipstick-tube oil drain pump and bucket big enough to hold all the oil or,
o An oil drain pump permanently fitted to your crankcase drain plug and bucket
o A roll of paper towels
o New oil filter(s)
o A supply of fresh oil as recommended by your engine manufacturer
o Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation
as to tightening with the wrench

o Run the engine(s) until warmed to at least 130 degrees
o Drain the oil using the pump, or into the pan
Replace the plug or close the valve
o Loosen the oil filter on the engine until it can
be turned by hand
o Put a Zip Lock Baggie around the filter, and unscrew the rest of the way
o Use a paper towel to catch drips from the filter’s mounting
o Seal the zip lock baggie keeping the filter upright
o Put it into the new filter’s box
o Using your finger, wet the O-ring atop the new filter with fresh, clean oil
o Screw on the new filter until just finger-tip tight

Don’t be a Party Pooper!

Every now and then we will receive reports regarding raw sewage being pumped overboard from vessels. Please understand there is no excuse for pumping overboard! Not only does Grand Marina have a free pump-out station, located right below the office, but it is also available 24 hours a day. There are also 5 other pump-outs in the estuary, and these are also available 24 hours a day. If you don’t want to leave the slip, there are several pump-out services that will come directly to your boat and pump out your holding tank for you. Grand Marina has very clearly defined rules and regulations regarding the discharge of waste overboard. Simply put, it is against Marina’s rules. More importantly, it is against California and Federal laws.
We report anyone who is caught doing this.