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August 2023 Newsletter

Marina Etiquette

Sometimes we get calls about boats being larger than their slips, and extending over the dock or out in to the fairway. Anchors or bow sprits over the dock can be potentially dangerous to a person walking down the dock. We would like to again stress the importance of keeping the walkway clear and safe for the tenants. So please, if your boat is not a good fit for your slip, contact the office and we will move you. Also, make sure the boat is tied up properly, with lines on both sides of the boat. A shift in the wind can easily push the boat over the dock.
Equally important is to keep the walk ways and fingers clear of clutter. Extra storage boxes may not be kept on the dock. Likewise, dinghies, row boats or skiffs may not be kept on the dock. If you do have a little boat, you may keep them in the front of the slip, but they must be kept out of the main walk ways. This is not only a courtesy to your neighbors, but a safety issue as well. Check in with the office if you have any questions about putting a dinghy at the front of your berth.

Dock Etiquette

Boarding steps are an easy way to get on and off your vessel and many boaters use them rather than boarding ladders for ease of getting on and off their vessel. Basic dock etiquette on this issue is to:

o Make sure that your steps are no bigger than ½ the width of the finger dock.
o They should be on the same side as your dock box. If you have a split dock box, they should not be on the same side as your boating neighbor has on their side.
o And lastly, they should not create a trip hazard or an obstacle course for someone who steps off a boat while docking.

There is nothing worse than have a wonderful day out sailing and ending your trip on a bad note because of an accident. If you have specific needs that requires your steps on one side verses the other and it conflicts with your neighbor, mention it to them next time you see them. Solutions are usually very easy when approached in a friendly manner!

Debris Removal

Sometimes we get calls regarding large floating debris in the water and collecting in slips. If you notice a large item in a slip just tie it to the dock and give us a call. Do not attempt to pull it out of the water, tie it up and let us know!


On September 9th, from 1pm to 4pm

Join us for food, drinks and camaraderie as we celebrate you, and thank you for your continued patronage. We will also have raffle drawings for great prizes!

Please be sure to RSVP so we can have a plate for you. See you there!

Going Somewhere?

If you are planning on canceling your berth agreement with Grand Marina, please remember you must give 30 day advance written notice. You can call us or shoot us an email. We also would like
to know why you are leaving, whether it is to go cruising, you are getting out of boating, or you are moving to another marina. If you are selling your boat, there is no guarantee that the new owner may keep the slip. Transfer of the berth is not automatic, and must be determined by the marina office. We also want to remind you that if you are selling a current boat to buy a bigger
one, make sure you give us plenty of advanced notice. Larger slips are at a premium, and it may take a while to find you a spot. Give us a call if you plan to leave the marina or sell
your boat, and we will be happy to explain our policy or give you the best advice on how to proceed.

Required Insurance

Just a reminder that it is your responsibility to ensure we have an updated copy of your insurance every year. A good way to make sure is to simply call us when you have received you
insurance documents in the mail. Please keep in mind that we require a minimum of $300,000 liability and Grand Marina named as additional insured or interested party. If you send us an invoice, it will not be accepted and you will continue to get reminders. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact the office

Keep Your Keys to Yourself

We would like to ask that our berthers not loan gate keys out to people working on their boats. This is for your safety and the safety of your fellow berthers.
The Harbor Office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Boat workers should obtain dock keys directly from the office. Misused keys are subject to deactivation without notice.

Important Announcement from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary!

The US Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Examiners will be returning to Grand Marina on Saturday, July 22 from 10 AM to 3 PM to perform complimentary Vessel Safety Checks for all boats that are interested in receiving a 2023 Safety decal for mounting on their mast or windshield. Each vessel visit should take about 35 to 40 minutes, and can be scheduled in advance at a time most convenient for you by emailing:

Gerry Gragg: sobella2009@yahoo.com

For those boats already visited by the Auxiliary, this day is an excellent opportunity for the Vessel Examiner to return to your boat, and award a decal, if required corrective action has been completed.