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January 2024 Newsletter

Winter Preparations

There are a few things that should be check on your boat before the weather gets too cold and you are unable to come out and do anything. Here are some suggestions:
Winter storms can wreak havoc on your canvas and sails. Consider removing your sails and any loose canvas if the boat won’t be used.

Check your dock lines. Prevent them from chafing.

Tie your halyards away from the mast.

The leading cause of a boat sinking at the dock is plugged cockpit scuppers. Be sure they remain clear.

Close your through-hulls. Make sure your bilge pump works.

Top off your fuel tanks and add some fuel preservative/stabilizer. Full tanks get less condensation in them. Empty water tanks increase buoyancy and eliminate sweating; your boat will be higher and drier.

Don’t let standing water build up in your dink; be sure you pull the plug.

Secure your electrical cord so it won’t fall in the water or get pulled out by the wind.

Check on your boat often if you can!

Late Fees

If you have incurred a late fee or received a statement with your current months invoice you do not need to send a separate check for the late fee amount. The statement will tell you the total amount due and you can just write one check for that amount. Save yourself the check and any additional postage.

Holiday Lighted Boat Winners

Thank you to all to all who participated in our lighted boat contest and caroling and a very special that you to all who joined us as we walked the docks and attempted to sing Christmas

You guys are amazing!

As usual we had a great turn out again this year and we can’t wait to see what you guys will have in store for use next year!

Here are the winners:

1st Place – Kent & Sandy “Far Neinte”
2nd Place – Kathleen & Greg “Midnight Madness”
3rd Place – Mark “Seraphine”

Parking Permits Explanations

Because we have had some confusion over the types of parking permits Grand Marina offers, we will recap the definitions here. And of course you can always call us if you have any questions.

Blue Placard (Main Marina Pass)
Definition: These passes are for the tenants who do not live-aboard their boats.

• Tenants are issued one blue pass that can be used Monday – Sunday throughout the year for up to 3 nights a week.
Exception: Tenant may make arrangement with HM office to park more than 3 nights if extended cruising no more than 30 days
• Blue placard not permitted to park in yellow reserved spaces.

Pink Placard (Limited)
Definition: These passes are given out as an additional pass for all tenants.

• The pink pass is good through the middle of the week (Monday – Thursday) in the months of July- September but not on the weekends (Friday – Sunday) in the months October-June the pass can be use all 7 days of the week
• Possible black out days that will be announced depending on high season boating holidays
• Pink placards are not permitted to park in yellow reserved spaces.

Yellow Placard (Reserved)
Definition: The yellow passes are for the liveaboard tenants that have a yellow reserved residential parking spot

• Yellow passes are good every day of the year when parked in the yellow reserved spots
• Yellow passes receive a storage violation if the vehicle has not moved from the spot for over 72 hours
• Yellow placards are not permitted to park other than the assigned yellow reserved space (tenant will lose reserved parking privilege.)

White Placard (Guest)
Definition: For guests of tenants and transient slip guest

• Transient guest placard (temporary berth)- can be checked out for up to 30 days
• Tenant must acquire pass for their guest (first come first serve)
• Can be renewed after 72 hours (case by case)
• Must be monitored based on how long the tenant was granted the pass (time limit whiteboard)
• If not returned, tenant charged a $50 fee, transient charged $50 deposit until returned
• Can only check out one guest pass at a time