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December 2023 Newsletter

Around Town

The City of Alameda is launching a new water taxi service that will bring riders between the Alameda Landing and Jack London Square. The new shuttle, dubbed “Woodstock,” traveled across
the U.S. to get to Alameda and will begin shuttling riders in the coming spring. According to the city’s website, the service is expected to be free, accommodate bikes, and operate 4 to 5
days a week for 9 to 12 hours a day.

Fuel on the Docks

If you have fuel tanks or jerry cans on the docks, please remove them. They should not be stored anywhere on the docks. The rainy season is upon us and any fuel from the outsides that could drip will go straight into the water. This goes for any other things you may have in an open or closed container that could spill out.

Winter Preparations

There are a few things that should be check on your boat before the weather gets too cold and you are unable to come out and do anything. Here are some suggestions:

Winter storms can wreak havoc on your canvas and sails. I have personally witnessed a jib unfurled and destroyed by high winds. Consider removing your sails and any loose canvas if the boat won’t be used.

Check your dock lines. Prevent them from chafing.

Tie your halyards away from the mast.

The leading cause of a boat sinking at the dock is plugged cockpit scuppers. Be sure they remain clear.

Close your through-hulls. Make sure your bilge pump works.

Top off your fuel tanks and add some fuel preservative/stabilizer. Full tanks get less condensation in them.
Empty water tanks increase buoyancy and eliminate sweating; your boat will be higher and drier.

Don’t let standing water build up in you dink; be sure you pull the plug.

Secure your electrical cord so it won’t fall in the water.

Check on your boat often!

Holiday Lighted Boat Caroling

Our 16th annual Lighted boat caroling contest will be on December 9th starting at 5pm We will have plenty of coffee and hot chocolate for all who wish to join us as we walk the docks
and rum for those who will actually sing Christmas carols with us. As always, there will be prizes awarded to 1st – 3rd place of the best decorated boats and first prize is 1 months berth rent free! We will have goodie bags for all who participate. Judging will be done by an outside party. Have fun and show your holiday spirit!

Join the Lighted Yacht Parade

The 47th Annual Lighted Yacht Parade will take place Saturday, Dec. 2 on the Estuary. The parade will begin just after sunset, around 5:30 p.m. The parade will start between Wind River and the
Fortman Marina’s public pier (the parade ‘staging area’). Starting at about 5:30pm the boats will proceed down the Alameda side of the estuary past Encinal and Oakland Yacht Clubs, where the
judges are. Continuing down the Alameda side past Pasta Pelican, the boats will then cross to the Oakland side and pass by the Port of Oakland, and Scott’s Seafood. Next, the parade will turn to make its way past Grand and Fortman Marinas on the way back to the staging area at Wind River. Watch as they go by the marina and pick who you think will win!

Happy Holidays from Grand Marina!

December 24th, Sunday – Closed
December 25th, Monday – Closed
December 31st, Sunday – Closed
January 1st, Monday – Closed

The Grand Marina staff wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday, and a fantastic new year of boating in 2024!