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August 2022 Newsletter

Marina Etiquette – Vendors

We have been seeing some workers on the docks that don’t have insurance on file with the marina. Please remember that all vendors that work in Grand Marina are required to have a minimum of
$1,000,000 liability with Grand Marina listed as additionally insured/interested party. We had an incident in the past where a vendor left a trail of oil from the boat he was working on to the
parking lot. The cost of the clean-up was upward of $100k. Had he not had insurance, it would have been the boat owner’s responsibility to cover.

I would also like to remind our tenants that if vendors are caught with a key that is supposed to be checked out to you, we will confiscate the key and your deposit will be forfeited.

Also, dock carts are supplied for the use of Grand Marina tenants only. And they are only to be used on Grand Marina property.

Any vendors caught using our dock carts will be warned that if we catch them again they will not be allowed to work in the marina.

If you see anyone that you think should not be using the dock carts, please contact the marina office and we will investigate it further.

Parking Reminder

Parking is for day use only with the exception of live-a-board status or a valid overnight permit. All Grand Marina tenants and guests must display their valid parking permits when in the marina lot. If you plan to have guests, please try to carpool. If you have an overnight guest, be sure to pick up a guest pass from the office. If you plan to leave your vehicle for more than 3 days at a time, make sure to let us know. Vehicles are not to be stored in the lot. Any vehicles left in the lot without valid permits will be subject to tow at the owner’s expense.

Not allowed are campers, trailers, mobile homes, or other “recreation” vehicles in the parking lot.

Dock Etiquette

Our recycling bin is overflowing at times, which means we are using it and protecting our environment. Great job, tenants! On the other hand, we would like to ask that all tenants please
break down cardboard boxes or other items that take up empty space in the bin. Often when we find that it’s full, it’s because there are boxes that have not been broken down.

So please remember to break down your boxes.

City Ordinance 3317 update

Under urgency, the City of Alameda passed Ordinance 3317 on April 28 and revised May 17. The urgency was due to the outcry from the Barnhill Marina Floating Home tenants regarding a rent increase. The Ordinance addresses rent control specifically for FH in FH Marinas as defined in California Code 800 Floating Home Residency Law (FHRL). As of July 20, neither the Ordinance nor California Code 800 references liveaboards or liveaboards at recreational marinas.

June 1, City notice to Grand Marina. “City Council passed Ordinance no. 3317, which provides protections for tenants of rental units lawfully docked at a marina, including floating homes and other maritime residential tenancies.” And that, “To meet the requirements… please submit the attached registration forms.” Grand Marina is not permitted to accommodate Floating Homes or Residential Tenants so Grand Marina did not submit registration forms.

June 17 City notice to Grand Marina.“…ordinance that imposed the City’s rent control provisions on rents for floating homes and other maritime residential tenancies…” And that “Our understanding is that such tenancies include [live aboards].” The Ordinance does not include the word live aboard. Therefore, Grand Marina did not submit registration forms.

June 23, City notice to Grand Marina. “The phrase [other maritime residential tenancies] has a meaning separate from Floating Home, and is broad enough to include live-aboards, but to the extent that those live-aboards are residential in nature.” The City threatens the use of “plenary police power” to enforce Ordinance 3317. US constitutional law, plenary power is a power that has been granted to a body or person in absolute terms, with no review of or limitations upon the exercise of that power. Ordinance does not include the word live aboard. Therefore, Grand Marina did not submit registration forms.

July 12, City NOW claims “other maritime residential tenancies” to mean a “vessel/boat for which there is a maritime residential tenancy”. After an overwhelming attendance in opposition to include live aboards in recreational marinas, the Council was not so keen to adopt more ambiguous language.

July 20, City Rent Program notice. “Our understanding is that your marina does not have any floating homes and is not a floating home marina as that term is defined under State Law. If that understanding is correct, then our prior request that you complete rent registration for those tenancies is withdrawn.”

If the City would unlawfully enforce 3317 with plenary police power marinas would no longer offer living aboard. For now, the boating community has been able to save live aboard privileges.