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September 2022 Newsletter

Tenant Appreciation Party

Saturday, September 17th, from 1pm to 4pm.
Grand Marina is hosting a party for you, our great tenants in appreciation for all of your support and to just have a great time with fellow boaters. We will supply fantastic food and drinks.
While you’re enjoying the food, we’ll have a DJ playing all kinds of music and raffle drawings for great prizes.
We ask that you call the office and let us know how many people you are bringing by August 31st so that we can get an accurate count and have plenty of food for all. Please call the marina office at (510) 865-1200 and give us your name, slip number, and number of people planning on attending.
We look forward to seeing all of you out enjoying the festivities!

Lost & Found

Have you lost an item at the marina? We have an assortment of items from shirts, jackets, glasses, keys, umbrellas, CD’s, remote controls to even an item that you’ll have to describe to us with money in it. Come up to the office and see if we have your lost items…the box is overflowing and we only have so much room to keep these misplaced articles.

Nautical Gear For Sale?

Do you have something for sale that another tenant may be interested in? E-mail us at:
marina@grandmarina.com and include a short description of your boating related item you are selling, your name, phone number or e-mail address and we will put it in the next newsletter if space is available. We will keep this an on-going option for our tenants each month.

Recreational & Commercial Boats

The Bay is a large body of water, but there is more and more traffic out there. A few things to know is commercial boats operate 365 days a year, they must maintain speed to steer, five or more blasts on the whistle is the “danger” signal (stay clear), and the speed of a commercial vessel can be deceptive. A tow can travel one mile in 7 minutes (a ship even faster). That means it takes them ¾ to 1 ½ miles to stop! Monitor channel 16 and 13 when ships are near. Know the navigation rules, but most of all…stay safe!

A Special Thank You

Grand Marina would like to thank all the tenants that have had to move their boats or unlock & unload their dock boxes to allow us to continue making the necessary repairs on the docks. Our progress is going great and having understanding tenants makes the job that much easier.

Marina Etiquette

Have you ever been walking down a dock and suddenly had to duck to avoid hitting your head on an anchor or bowsprit? Have you ever pulled your boat out of your slip to find that a boat is sticking out too far in the fairway? Boats extending out beyond a slip cause many safety problems, and are also against Grand Marina policy. Please tie your boat up properly or come talk with the office staff if you need a larger slip. We are here to help in any way we can. Remember, safety first!

Marina Etiquette, Cont.

A gentle reminder, the docks are for everyone. That means if you have a dinghy, kayak, cooler, or some other object on the dock, even if it is on your finger, other tenants or your neighbors have to side-step your belongings. If a boat is coming into its slip and the line tender cannot safely step off the boat onto the finger without running through an obstacle course, it’s a prescription for a dangerous situation.
We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in keeping the docks and fingers clear, making the docks safe and fun for everyone.