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October 2022 Newsletter

Fall Preparations

Our fall and winter season is rapidly approaching, and we’ve already experienced a few very blustery days. Now is the time to take a good look around and ensure our boats are ready to weather our next season. Be certain that your cockpit scuppers are clear, you have a working bilge pump, your covers are all secure, and that your roller-furler jib is tightly wrapped.

Dock Etiquette

Please keep your hoses rolled up on the hose hangers on the back of the dock boxes. If hangers are broken, call the marina office and we’ll fix them. Also, make sure that your electrical cords can not go in the water. Not only is this a safety hazard, but it makes the marina look much nicer not having growth growing off of these items.

Your Dock Box…What’s Inside?

Every now and then while working on the docks our guys have seen some interesting things inside some of the dock boxes, so we thought we’d remind everyone to go through your dock box every once in a while. Anything that may spill or is not in a proper container should be removed. Anchors and anchor chains can not be stored in dock boxes either. NO GASOLINE AT ALL!

Pump Out

As many of you know we have a FREE pump out station here at the marina located directly below the marina office and it is open to all 24/7.
What you probably don’t know is, the marina has to repair the hose nozzle at least a few times a month. The reason? When people are done pumping out sometimes they will just throw the hose back onto the dock from their boat thus shattering the nozzle and/or connectors. I want to remind everyone that when you are done using the pump out please take the minute to place the hose back on the rack.
I am sure everyone enjoys the convenience of having a FREE pump out located so close to home so please keep that in mind next time you are pumping out your boat.

Safe Boating Tips for Fall and Winter
Most of us like boating year-round if conditions are favorable. So here are a few tips to help you keep safe and your boat in top condition.
1. Prepare your boat for winter – If you are not going to be using your boat it’s best to have it winterized. This involves a few precautionary measures to protect your boat from extended periods of non-use and colder temperatures.
2. Keep it covered – Don’t let your boat be destroyed by the environment. When leaves collect on the floor of your boat, they hold in moisture. The water will then speed up the process of deterioration. A cover will maximize the life of your boat and reduce the risk of damage to your interior.
3. Underwater obstructions – Most water levels are lowered in the winter. Extreme caution should be used every time you take your boat out. Rocks, sandbars, stumps, etc can cause major damage to your lower unit and/or prop. A depth finder is priceless in the winter and some units can be purchased for around $120.00. (Most props cost 2-3 times as much.)
4. Cold weather – Dress properly for the outing. Take a jacket or a pullover just in case the weather changes. It can be really cold when traveling across the water.
5. Safety First – Make sure you have all the necessary safety gear on board. Being prepared heads off most problems.
6. Communication – Let someone know where you’re going & when you’ll be back. Take a cell phone & a spare battery or a way to charge it.

Insurance Reminder

All of our tenants should be aware that if you have your boat in our marina it must be insured and most of you readily comply when it is renewal time.
Although your insurance provider is supposed to send us a copy when you renew they do not always do so.
We might send you a renewal reminder, an email or we might even call, but please remember, it is your responsibility to make sure that we have a copy of your current insurance certificate. Failure to provide this information can result in termination of your tenancy.

Package Delivery

As a service to our liveaboard tenants, we will accept parcel deliveries to our office. We kindly ask that when you get a call or email from us, you pick up your packages as soon as possible.
The office has very limited space, and at times it can get crowded with boxes. While we are willing to make exceptions if you are not a liveaboard you should not be getting mail or packages at the Grand Marina office. If a package is sent here to a non-liveaboard it will be returned. We will not be responsible for any packages returned.